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NCD Applications for Seattle Renters Has Ended

NCD, LLC has launched a National Program for renters in the U.S. The program known as Rental Relief is designed to help people apply for rental assistance before it is too late. But for Seattle renters, time to apply for the assistance has come to a close as of 02/28/2022, leaving millions of unused dollars in the state relief fund. Question is, why are renters taking so long to seek help? The U.S. has 45 Billion Dollars in funds to help tenants with rental payments and it should not go to waste especially while people are getting threats of eviction. NCD, LLC, Director Alisha Freeman says ,"I know we provide eviction services however, I never like seeing anyone get put out behind not being able to keep up with the demand of payments and with so much money at the hands of the tenants, maybe hopefully tenants will hop on board with NCD Rental Relief program as a last effort to help themselves get the proper help needed that is designed to help renters, not hurt them." She goes on to say , "Money provided does not have to be paid back and that is a small part of the issue with people applying for the money assuming they will get in debt with the government, while some people are just having problems getting through the process by themselves." NCD developed the Rental Relief program to make sure no tenant suffers from not being able to receive funding. We have live representatives that work with tenants 5 days of the week. The agents work to get tenants entered into the state database to receive funding and helping tenants gather required documents. NCD Rental Relief program offers a guarantee processing that provides a peace of mind for tenants that have past due money due to their Landlords and utility companies. I want all tenants that have fallen behind on rental payments to at least get into the program and get the ball rolling. What I am seeing in Seattle, a place I love to visit is so sad. The homeless living there when I saw it last was so extreme, people were living under freeways with complete set ups, driveways, living room designed, lounge areas, kitchens, I mean I didn't know such a thing could be created. For people living in structural rental houses, I can't fix the homeless population, but we can help you to not become homeless, if you allow us to help you. Seattle is one of many states that applications are closed, so we encourage you to take the first step by letting NCD know you are in need of help and we will help you with the rest.

This week the Rental Relief program is focused on targeting tenants across the U.S. as the moratorium ends on 03/01/2022 and some are set to end. As we are aware that Seattle is just one of many cities that need help, NCD, LLC will also be Accepting online applications for the following counties in Washington:

  1. Benton- Benton County

  2. Clark- Clark County

  3. King- King County-APPLICATIONS CLOSED

  4. Kitsap- Kitsap County

  5. Pierce- Pierce County

  6. Seattle -City of Seattle-APPLICATIONS CLOSED

  7. Snohomish- Snohomish County

  8. Spokane-Spokane County

  9. Spokane- City of Spokane

  10. Tacoma- City of Tacoma

  11. Thurston- Thurston County

  12. Whatcom- Whatcom County

  13. Yakima- Yakima County

Counties that read Application Closed, NCD will not provide processing in that county. Tenants may check back to see if applications are reactivated within 30 days.

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