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If your Landlord served you with an Eviction Notice and you do not file an ANSWER you could get Evicted

Residential Fee: $150.00                                        Commercial Fee: $500.00

Please Note: If you are enrolled in the Rental Relief Program, NCD will file an Answer on each NOTICE you are served with by your Landlord. The program protects you under the Eviction Ban. NCD ensures that your Application, Declaration and Status will be reported to the court, to prevent an Eviction against you.






Applicant: Be sure to email a copy of your EVICTION NOTICE to:


I give NCD, LLC permission to act as my duly appointed agent. I authorize NCD, LLC to prepare and file documents in my behalf pertaining to civil matters with my Landlord. I understand that NCD, LLC will in addition file for a fee waiver in the event I must file additional court documents. I acknowledge that my Landlord may serve a notice each month and I will be required to pay a fee per notice, I receive. I agree to hold NCD,LLC  harmless of any decision made by a Judge on your eviction case. I acknowledge that Judicial days do not include the date of service, weekends, or certain legal holidays. I under penalty of perjury agree that all the information provided is correct and true. I further agree to pay NCD, LLC for services requested by me. No Refunds, NO EXCEPTIONS. NCD, LLC can not reduce or waive any fees charged for this service.

Your application was SUCCESSFULLY submitted!​

QUESTIONS? CALL (702) 344-3317 Monday- Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm​

NCD will email your court filed documents upon completion

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