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I Received an Eviction Notice

If you received an Eviction Notice, AN ANSWER MUST BE FILED with the court, in your rental property jurisdiction, within the time specified on the NOTICE. 


NCD, can help assist you with the court documents for Eviction Compliance Purposes.

NCD, will help you to file the REQUIRED court documents, by preparing, submitting and filing, all the necessary documents needed in order for you to prepare for a scheduled Eviction Hearing. In most states, if you DO NOT file a Tenant Answer, there will not be a scheduled court hearing.

NCD, DO NOT recommend for Tenants to go through this process without utilizing all of 

NCD services, due to the High-At-Risk status that currently apply to ALL Tenants facing being Eviction.

Many Tenants are not aware that it only takes one(1) error on a Tenant part to quickly get EVICTED with only days to move-out the rental property, in addition to having an eviction on your credit record, making it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get a new place to RENT.


PUBLIC NOTICE: If someone you know have an eviction on their credit, you can refer them to

 Fresh Credit Program , the program specializes in removing evictions from credit reports.


NCD also have court administrators, to help you with your Complete Eviction from (1) One Scheduled Court Hearings (In-Person, Telephonic or Virtual), Additional Filing (s) assistance-Not Included in the price (additional fees will apply) and Mediation, prior to your scheduled court hearing date. 

Additional Fee: $175.00 (OPTIONAL- Tenants may add this service at anytime

TENANTS: TO GET STARTED with the Process, Complete STEPS 1-3 below.


1. Complete a Tenant Answer Application. Applications are Accepted Online

2. Scan or Take a picture of the notice you received. Click here to Email a Copy to NCD (ALL PAGES)

    In the email, include your name and telephone number.  Your request will be     

    assigned to an NCD Agent, that will contact you regarding your notice and rental

    payment options, to help you remain in the rental property or make preparations

    to move out of the rental property. If the person requesting service name is not listed on the notice,      be sure to include the relationship between you and the person listed on the notice in the email. 

3. Pay the $150.00 Fee + Court Fee

(Payments are accepted online or by phone) We accept Zelle & Cash App.

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU MISSED YOUR NOTICE DEADLINE DATE, NCD, MAY BE ABLE TO FILE A LATE TENANT ANSWER, ONLY IF YOUR LANDLORD DID NOT FILE DOCUMENTS WITH THE COURT.  LATE ANSWERS, DO NOT GUARANTEE, A STOP AGAINST BEING EVICTED. By making a payment, I, authorize NCD, LLC to process a payment in the amount of ($150.00 + court filing fee) for my eviction notice  processing. All receipts, documents, correspondence including invoices, will be sent to the email you provided.  Payments made will not be refunded as services will immediately begin once your payment post. I, authorize NCD to submit documents to the court, landlord or agency using E-SIGNATURE. I, give NCD, LLC permission to act as my duly appointed agent. I authorize NCD, LLC to prepare and file documents in my behalf pertaining to civil matters with my Landlord. I understand that NCD, LLC will in addition file for a fee waiver with the court, if I qualify. I acknowledge that my Landlord may serve a notice each month and I will be required to pay a fee per notice, I receive. I agree to hold NCD,LLC  harmless of any decision made by a Judge on your eviction case. I acknowledge that Judicial days do not include the date of service, weekends, or certain legal holidays. I under penalty of perjury agree that all the information provided is correct and true. I further agree to pay NCD, LLC for services requested by me. No Refunds, NO EXCEPTIONS. NCD, LLC can not reduce or waive any fees charged for this service.

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