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                                           NCD, LLC offers a variety of Professional Eviction Services.


Our team of professionals have 20+ years experience in evictions services. Upon each eviction request you submit to NCD, LLC, one of our team members will discuss the best eviction plan for your circumstance, prior to starting your rental property service. Our team members work quickly to complete your Eviction or to resolve your Landlord and Tenant dispute in a timely manner. 

Please Note:

See Numbers 1-5 below. If you are currently experiencing at least one (1) matter on the list,


1. If your tenant(s) is behind on payments

2. if your tenant(s) are in violation with your verbal or written agreement

3. If your tenant(s) did not leave the property after being served with a previously notice

4. If your tenant(s) are refusing to cooperate for a schedule tenant occupied inspection

5. If you have been unable to contact your tenant(s) via text or phone calls


NCD Eviction & Violation Notices: 

Notice to Pay Rent

If your tenant(s) owe you back rent and/or current rent.

Violation Notice

If your tenant is not in compliance with the verbal or written terms and condition of the rental property.

24 Hour Entry Notice (Violation Notice)

If you are unable to contact your tenant, have missed schedule inspection appointments, complaints or a suspected property emergency.

Lease Agreement Termination Notice

If you want to terminate tenancy with your tenant.

Unlawful Detainer Notice

If your tenant DID NOT leave the property as stated on a previously served notice.

Once a notice is served and the time has expired, you are ready to move on to the court process. The court process may take up to 90 days depending on your circumstances and is solely the discretion of the Courts and Deputy in your jurisdiction. 

Evictions includes the following services:

Court Filing-  We file: affidavits, applications, claim forms, complaints, exhibits, judgments, motions, orders, pleadings, summonses and witness statements.

Constable Lockout- After the eviction is GRANTED, NCD will coordinate with the Deputy in the rental property jurisdiction to schedule the lockout. During which the locks MUST be changed by either a handyman or Locksmith. 

Court Appearance- Our Duly Appointed Agent(s) can attend a court hearing that has been scheduled by the court Judge handling your civil case in the event you are not able to attend. 

Cash for Keys Negotiations- If you have a Tenant residing in a Rental Property and the property has sold or is selling, In your behalf, NCD will negotiate Cash for Keys with the Tenant in effort to get the Tenant to move out.

Squatters- If an unauthorized person has taken possession of your property, NCD will work with law enforcement in the property jurisdiction and also notify the court for a court order to evict the unauthorized occupant. Please note: If a squatters leave behind any personal  property the owner is REQUIRED to store the items for 30 days (*state laws vary) 

Property Check- A verification REQUIRED by the court that the Tenant(s) are still in possession of the rental property after the notice expires and before the court filing is submitted. 

Court/Deputy Copies- NCD can provide you with documents to

include: affidavits, answers, applications, claim forms, complaints, exhibits, judgments, motions, orders, pleadings, summonses and witness statements filed by the Tenant. 

Locksmith- NCD offers constable locksmith eviction services. Our locksmith will change Two (2) locks that consist of a front and garage door. If you need more locks changed, additional fees will apply. 

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