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It's Time For An Inspection
Don't Be Alarmed, It's a Seasonal Routine Inspection
Tenant Occupied Inspection

Interior Pictures 

Routine Tenant Inspections

Seasonal Inspections: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Inspections are performed at least once (1) per year. Inspections are listed in your rental lease agreement and in very few cases, it is not listed however, your property management company or the property owner will always have rights to enter the rental property for routine inspections, emergencies, welfare checks and repairs by making appointments within reasonable times of the day by calling or posting a 24 hour notice of entry, if needed. If a Landlord is trying to schedule an inspection and if you FAIL TO COMPLY, YOU WILL RECEIVE A 24 HOUR NOTICE TO ENTER THE RENTAL PROPERTY.  

We recommend you cooperate as fees can be charged to you and become due with your next month rent. Inspections are conducted annually to keep up with the property condition by noting what repairs are needed and not needed. Tenants can use this time to tell the field inspector things that do not work in the property or that need repair. Field inspectors will report the matter on their reports however, tenants must submit a work order to management or the owner to get the repair completed. Inspections are paid for by the owner. Always make sure your available or someone over the age 18 years old for the scheduled inspection. You can expect to receive a call from an NCD dispatcher who will schedule your inspection and notify you of your assigned inspector. Inspections are scheduled in One (1) hour increments (Ex. 12pm-1pm). On the day of your inspection, you will receive a call or text 30 minutes prior to the inspector arrival. Field inspectors are REQUIRED to wear mask and gloves during the entire duration of the inspection. You may request the inspector to wear foot coverings before starting the inspection.

Exterior Pictures 

NCD Dispatch


Contact: 702-344-3317

M-F 8am-6pm PST

Let's Talk About What Areas The Inspector Will Be Accessing 

FIRST KNOW: The inspection is picture based of both exterior and interior areas of the rental property

Front & Back Yard, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Stairs, Hallway, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Laundry Rooms and Garage.

The inspector will be checking the hardware and clothing bars in each closet to ensure the closet is not damaged. You may cover your personal items such as your safe, firearms, etc. Storing things away in dressers, under the bed or in your vehicle are always an option, so they are not captured in the inspector photos. If you have been having problems with your refrigerator, garage doors, windows, locks,
a/c & heating unit, loose steps or cracked flooring tiles, please let the dispatcher know
as it will be noted on your report and the inspector will capture detailed pictures of the area. 

Inspections can take up to 30 minutes to complete


 The inspection provides awareness of the current conditions of the rental property.
So if your dishes are not washed, laundry is on the floor or your beds are not made up, IT'S OK!
            The inspector is not there to report things like that                                                                                        

Don't forget to change your furnace filters and batteries in the smoke detectors! If you do not know what size filters to purchase, ask your inspector and he/she will provide you with that information during your inspection. The inspector can not install filters or batteries for you. If you need assistance, you may contact your property management company.  

For More Information or Questions? Call (702) 344-3317 
All Inspectors Are Fully Vaccinated, Licensed and Insured

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