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In order to qualify for assistance, applicants must be a current resident of the State in which you are applying for assistance, Received an eviction notice,
Be on a fixed income or Had a rent increase in the last 12 months.

NCD  Rental Relief Program assists residents of the United States who have suffered substantial financial hardship and now lack sufficient income or resources to pay their rental housing and utility cost. 

Level of assistance is based on the availability of funding and each individual household assessment.

NCD program mission is to provide service assistance to Tenants in the U.S. that need financial help and support.

TENANT FEE *$225.00 
Includes: Program Fee($75.00) Tenant Answer Fee ($150.00)
Tenant Answer:
A court response to an Eviction Notice served by a Landlord.
Eviction Notice: A legal notice that claims you owe your landlord rent. 
Please Note: If you do not take action by your deadline to act, the court can order your eviction without a hearing at your Landlord's request. If the court orders an eviction, the constable or sheriff will post the eviction order on your door within 24 hours and will return 24 to 36 hours later to lock you out. The eviction order and lockout can happen quickly without any more notice from your Landlord.
              Tenants have only three (3) options
1. Request a Tenant Answer
2. You can pay the Total Amount of Rent Owed

3. You can move out of the property
* If a landlord (not the constable or sheriff) tries to lock you out of the property, block your entry or cut off an essential service notify us for help.

(Includes Program Fee Only)
*If you receive an eviction notice, you will be charged a $150.00 Tenant Answer Fee

Upon acceptance of the rental assistance payment landlords agree in exchange for payment of funds to not initiate any legal proceeding or collection effort against any of the above Tenants for unpaid rent, late fees, or other fees or charges related to occupancy of the dwelling unit through and until the present date or the end of period for which rent is being paid, whichever is longer, and all claims regarding such amounts are hereby waived and released. I further agree to rescind any prior eviction notice, to not initiate any new court proceeding related to Tenants except for criminal activity or nuisance-related issues, and to allow tenants to reside i the dwelling unit for a period of not less than 60 days from receipt of payment of funds without eviction proceeding commencing. This can be found on the Landlord Verification forms signed by the Landlord  prior to receiving funding.

(Landlords that violate this will be reported to the federal, state and county funding agency,  and courts for FRAUD, VIOLATION, PROGRAM PENALTY and CUMULATIVE DAMAGES

Please Note: Rental & Utility Assistance is free of charge
NCD LLC charges for additional services provided:
Document Preparation
, Court Filing, Document Auditing and Verifications.
If you received an eviction notice incl
uding a 24- hour lockout eviction notice while waiting for rental assistance, NCD will file a Tenant Answer/Affidavit with the Courts in your area to PREVENT you from becoming homeless. Failure to provide NCD,LLC with ANY Legal Notice Type you receive from your Landlord, could result in you being evicted. Notices are date driven, NCD,LLC, do not have any authority to extend the responding time of a notice, for ANY reason to include delay of payments, submission delays, etc. 


The following documents are required to complete your application. 

  • Photo ID of applicant (driver's license or ID card or military ID)

  • Proof of address (lease agreement or utility bill)

  • Proof of EVICTION notice

  • Proof of TENANT ANSWER- (If not, it's included with NCD program)

  • Copy of a current utility bill (Ex. Water, Power, Gas)

  • Income Restrictions                                                                                                      HH 1     up to $2,865
    HH 2     up to $3,275
    HH 3     up to $3,685
    HH 4     up to $4,090
    HH 5     up to $4,420
    HH 6     up to $4,745
    HH 7     up to $5,075 
                                                                                                      HH 8     up to $5,400 (add $325 per month for each additional household member)





Please Note: The application process can take up to 90+ days to process/fund.
NCD will provide you with a Program Verification Form, once you are enrolled in our program. You will be REQUIRED to
 provide your Landlord with a copy of the Form we provide to you. The form will serve as an "OFFICIAL" notification of your program enrollment. Your Landlord at any time may contact NCD to receive information about your application, pending process, compliance or enrollment. 
Giving false information on your application, will cause your application to be DENIED. Each applicant will be assigned an NCD Case Administrator, that will process your application and provide support for you and your Landlord throughout the rental assistance process.


I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state in which I am applying for benefits and that of which I reside that the foregoing provided information is true and correct.


I authorize NCD, LLC to process my application. NCD, LLC is not responsible for any wrong information provided on this application. All parties shall hold NCD, LLC harmless from any notice or legal matters. NCD, LLC hold the right to deny/withdraw your application if your are found in non compliance or providing false information.

I further agree to pay NCD, LLC for services I request also waiving the right to request a refund

NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS. NCD, LLC can not reduce or waive any fees charged for services. I understand invoices are electronically generated and will be delivered to the email I provided. I further give NCD, LLC permission to act as my duly appointed agent. I authorize NCD, LLC to prepare, e-sign, submit, schedule and file documents in my behalf pertaining to rental assistance, eviction or inspections. I understand that NCD, LLC will file for a fee waiver referencing changes in circumstances and/or financial hardship. I acknowledge that NCD, LLC do not offer loans, issue vouchers for hotels, motels, room or board and unless specified any assistance provided by NCD,LLC will be issued directly to the utility company or Landlord. I understand that funds provided, is paid by either county, local, state or federal funding and I do not have to pay back funds that are awarded. I understand that my Landlord may serve other eviction notices after I am enrolled in the program in such event, I will be required to pay an additional $150.00 fee per notice that is served by the Landlord to cover the cost of court filing each occurrence. NCD,LLC will also file a final motion with the court to remove the eviction from public record.  I agree to hold NCD,LLC  harmless of any decision made by a Judge/Agency for your assistance and eviction cases. I acknowledge that Judicial days on eviction notices do not include the date of service, weekends, or certain legal holidays. I am aware that on the 15th of each month pending rental assistance a new month will be included in the rental assistance benefits.

NCD Legal Disclaimer: Terms & Conditions

Your Application was submitted SUCCESFULLY!

QUESTIONS? Call (913) 336-0036 Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm

(702) 344-3317 West Region
(913) 336-0030 East Region

NCD Relief Program 

All States and U.S. Territories

NCD, LLC (Receive Center)

4904 Camino Al Norte Unit# 337824
North Las Vegas, NV 89031 


                                 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Question: Can I be EVICTED if I missed a scheduled court hearing date?
Answer: YesMost Justice courts will not allow Tenants to file a motion to stay if there was already a hearing
Question: If I did not receive a Constable 24-hour notice and I was locked out but I have a PENDING rental
                assistance application, can I be let back in my property?

Answer: No, Tenants are solely responsible for receiving and notifying NCD of the matter. Once your evicted 
              (removed) there is no ready way to "undo" the removal and get back into the property. If you plan 
              on leaving the property for a number of days, notify a family member, friend, neighbor or NCD, so 
               someone can check the property for notices served, that you will potentially miss receiving.

Question: If I did not receive an eviction notice, can I still apply for rental assistance?
Answer: No, the programs NCD work with will only process your case,  if you have an eviction notice and the notice
               must be filed with the courts and assigned a court case number.

Question: If I had a PENDING COVID application, will I still receive my rental assistance benefits?
Answer: Yes, however, you must continue to comply with the assigned case worker or your application can get DENIED.

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