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To Speak with a Live Representative Call 
West Region(702) 344-3317
East Region (913) 336-0030
Monday- Friday 8:00am-5:00pm PST

Eviction Department

Sales Department

For questions  or inquiries about a new or existing eviction order, eviction application,  scheduled court date, mediation, notice expiration date, tenant answers, tenant filing, squatters, tenant violations, 24 hour entry notice or court appearance

If you are a Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, Real Estate Agent and/or Private Owners and would like order new service or set up your company or property to receive new services 

Compliance/Legal Dispatch Unit

Accounting Department

To check the status of your court filed documents, property violations or updates about your legal file (s)

* Accounts Receivable 

* Accounts Payable

* For payments due, statements, electronic invoice

Collection Department

* Collection Notices

* Question about Late Fees 

*Small Claims New and Existing Cases


*Account Reinstatement

* Account Hold Removal

* Credit Restoration

NCD Rental Relief Department

* Questions about a new or existing application

* Landlord Verification Letter 

* Landlord Tenant Enrollment Verification

*Application Status Checks

*Need to provide required documents

  ID/ Driver's License 

  Lease Agreement 

  Utility Bill (If you applied for utility assistance)

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