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Tenants that are experiencing problems with their Rental Property may File a Complaint to receive assistance with RESOLVING the matter. Services include notifying the Landlord, Written Correspondence, Process Service and Court Filing. Please Note: Tenants are not ALLOWED to apply any out of pocket expenses towards the rent, seek damages, not pay the rent or terminate the lease agreement, until the proper steps have been followed.  If a court date is assigned, Tenants will be REQUIRED to show proof that the proper steps were taken prior to the court hearing. NCD will provide copies of all service documents, request, demands and filing confirmations, in order for you to present a fair case to the Courts.  The fee for this service is $150.00

Property Conditions Includes:
Plumbing, Pest, Infestation, Holes in Walls, Electrical Problems, Heat, Air Conditioning, Running Water,
Hot Water, Electricity, Gas, Functioning Door Locks (to the outside), Major Fire, Flooding or Collapse of the Roof 

You may report an Uninhabitable Condition, Habitability Violation Essential Service or Casualty by completing the form below.

19 Programs are
Permanently Closed



1 Bedroom *Fee $75.00
2 Bedroom *Fee $85.00
3 Bedroom *Fee $95.00
4 Bedroom *Fee $105.00
5 Bedroom *Fee $115.00

Do you want to schedule an Inspection

Your complaint was received, you will receive an Email from NCD shortly. Thank You for Choosing NCD to Help resolve your matters!

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