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NCD, LLC offer Eviction Services and Tenant Occupied Inspections

Our team of professionals have 20+ years experience in Eviction and Tenant Occupied Inspections.

Evictions begin by serving a Notice on the Rental Property.

Please review the types of notices listed below to decide which notice best describes your property matter.

Evictions (Notice Types)


If your Tenant(s) owe current and back rent. Must allow 5-30 days

*Fee $90.00


 If your Tenant(s) is not in compliance with the verbal or written terms and conditions of the rental property. Must allow up to 3-10 days *Fee $90.00 


24 HOUR ENTRY NOTICE (Violation Notice)

If you have been unable able to contact your Tenant(s), If the Tenant(s) have missed their scheduled inspection appointment(s), If you have received complaints or if you suspect a property emergency. Must allow up to 48 hours.

*Fee $100.00



If you want to terminate tenancy with your Tenant(s). Must allow up to 8-60 days

*Fee $90.00



If your Tenant(s) DID NOT vacate the rental property as stated on a previously served notice. Must allow up to 5-10 days

* Fee $90.00


                                         EVICTION FEE SCHEDULE

Court Filing- $325.00
Constable Lockout- $80.00 + Constable Fee
Court Appearance- $250.00
Cash for Keys Negotiations- $300.00
Squatters- $275.00
Property Check- $60.00 (Court Verified/Witness Property Check)
Court/Deputy Copies- $25.00 (Tenant Answers, Motions, Complaints)
Locksmith- $175.00 (2 Locks- Ex. Front Door + Garage)

Eviction Instructions: To secure a property at the time of eviction, locks must be changed; lock boxes of slip keys used. All methods of entry (doors and windows, etc.) must be secured prior to the Court's seal being placed on the property. DO NOT changes locks prior to the Deputy's arrival. All locks must be witnessed by the Deputy.

Tenant Occupied Inspections

Tenant Occupied Inspections are Seasonal Inspections that allow you to check the current condition of a Rental Property while being occupied by a Tenant(s).

NCD, LLC, Inspectors will provide you with a detailed Report and Pictures

of the current conditions of both the Exterior and Interior areas of the Rental Property. 

An NCD, LLC dispatcher will contact your Tenant(s) to schedule the inspection.

Inspections can take up to 30 minutes to complete. 


1 Bedroom *Fee $75.00
2 Bedroom *Fee $85.00
3 Bedroom *Fee $95.00
4 Bedroom *Fee $105.00
5 Bedroom *Fee $115.00


Applicant Information

Tenant Information


Select All That Apply



I authorize NCD,LLC to perform any of the services indicated on this form, selected by me. If you are ordering Eviction Services- I authorize NCD, LLC to start the Eviction Process. NCD, LLC will prepare all documents based solely on the information provided by the Broker, Property Manager or Real Estate Agent and NCD, LLC will not be responsible for any wrong information provided regardless of language or interpretation. I further give permission to NCD, LLC and/or its Staff or Agents to act as my Duly Appointed Agent. I authorize NCD, LLC Staff and/or Agents to appear in court in my behalf, in the event I am not able to attend. I understand NCD, LLC is prohibited from giving legal advice. However, NCD, LLC will provide recommendations based on the circumstances of the listed rental property. If you are ordering a Tenant Occupied Inspection- I authorize NCD, LLC Field Inspector(s) to contact the listed Tenant(s). I give permission to NCD, LLC Staff, Inspector(s) and/or Agents to be on the listed Rental Property/Premises for the sole purpose to take pictures of the exterior and interior areas of the listed rental property, to ask, check and test items outside or inside the property. Under Penalty of Perjury, I have permission to order/request service(s) for the listed Rental Property as the registered Broker,

Property Manager and/or Real Estate Agent. I understand that NO REFUNDS will be issued for services requested from NCD,LLC by me, NO EXCEPTIONS. I agree to pay for services, I ordered/requested from NCD, LLC. I agree to not hold NCD, LLC at any fault, harmless; to all errors to include; items stored, broken, and/or damaged by the tenant(s). 

Your Order Was Submitted Successfully!

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