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What is Operation R.E.D.? 

It is an awareness program that provides Brokers and Property Managers with literature provided by the Real Estate Division to help Agents stay in Compliance with the rules and regulations pertaining to a Routine Tenant Occupied InspectionNCD conducted a study in 2019-2023 and found that nearly 80 Percent of Brokers & Property Managers were using the office staff and a handyman to perform Routine Tenant Occupied InspectionsAccording to the (NAC)/(NRS 118A) - This action of the Broker and Property Manager is an ACTIVE Violation. Brokers and Property Managers can be fined up to $5,000 or more by the Real Estate Commission. Tenants quiet enjoyment while renting a property is also at jeopardy of being reported to a Judge. NCD will be providing immediately assistance to Brokers and Property Managers to help assist with the resolution of the Active Violation by allowing NCD Licensed Tenant Occupied Inspectors to conduct current & upcoming scheduled inspections to ensure each Broker and Property Manager is in COMPLIANCE with the NAC/ NRS 118A state statues. Please Note: (*Codes Vary Per State) 


According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics- Requires Brokers and Property Managers to cooperate with each other in furthering clients best interest.

Prohibited Acts and Practices (NRS 118.110) 

 6.  Coerce, intimidate, threaten or interfere with any person in the exercise or enjoyment of, or on account of that person having aided or encouraged any other person in the exercise or enjoyment of, any right granted or protected in this chapter.

      (Added to NRS by 1971, 731; A 1973, 1951991, 102019801995, 4051997, 512011, 868)

The Real Estate Division released Bulletin #010 for Brokers and Property Managers (Must Read) PDF

For more information you may contact (702) 486-4033 Option 3 - Compliance Officer Real Estate Division

NCD Tenant Occupied Inspection Fee Schedule:

One (1) Bedroom: $75.00   Two (2) Bedroom $85.00  Three (3) Bedroom $95.00  Four (4) Bedroom $105.00  Five (5) Bedroom $115.00

NCD 2023 Proposed Plan of Action for Brokers and Property Managers

NCD is a Licensed Registered Vendor for Brokers and Property Managers.

Please Note: NCD DO NOT have to serve 24-hour entry notice on rental properties, in order to perform a Tenant Occupied Inspection.

1. NCD will contact the Tenant(s) to: schedule, confirm appointments and notify Tenants of appointment 

    arrival 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.

2. Tenants are given the option to elect, if they prefer the NCD Licensed Inspector to wear foot covering, as it

     is NCD company policy to wear both a mask and gloves during the duration of the Tenant Occupied Inspection.

3.  NCD Licensed Tenant Occupied Inspectors will NEVER make repair promises to a Tenant(s), Do Not submit

     work orders. 

    *NCD will however inform a Tenant(s) to submit a work order, if there is an immediate   

   Uninhabitable Condition, Interruption of an Essential Service, Habitability Violation or Casualty identified at the

    rental property during the inspection.


Stressed Man

1. Not being made awear of Broker & Property Manager violations.
​2. Requested to cancel agreements with the managing company.

3. Forced to hire an attorney to seek damages.

1. The inspector is the office assistance or handyman.
2.They are not given a 24-Hour entry notice for an inspection.
3.Office staff/handyman wear their shoes on the carpet. 
4.The office staff do not show up on time or at all.
5.The office staff take pictures of their personal items. 

Checking the Tiles

1. Do not like conducting Tenant Occupied Inspections.
2. Want to avoid liabilities and potential injury w/ furniture and tenant presence.
3. Will Charge more for these types of Inspections ($200.00-$400.00) per unit.

Insurance Consultation

Brokers & Property Managers that continue to elect office staff and handyman workers to conduct Tenant Occupied Inspections, will be investigated by the Real Estate Division. Effective Immediately

Steps you need to take to ensure your property is in compliance:

Action Required:

Step 1: Complete a Routine Inspection Audit Form, Include your current inspector(s) information for your property(s). Email this form to our office. This audit form will be reviewed and updated by the Real Estate Division. The Real Estate Division will determine if your property is operating in compliance and if so, no further action will be needed.​(A team member from our office will follow-up with you within 24-48 hours to respond to the audit form.)

Step 2: If it has been determined that your property is not incompliance an email will be forwarded to you (within 24-48 hours of receiving your response email) of immediate action that needs to take place.

Step 3: For those of you that are aware of your current noncompliance status and would like to move forward to correct this matter, you will be provided with immediate service access with our licensed inspectors. To schedule your property inspections with a licensed occupied tenant inspector, contact our office at (913) 336-0030 


 Actual Quote:


"I was not aware of this!"-NAC says,

"Unlicensed office assistants 

can schedule inspections; I assumed my assistant could also be able to perform the inspections!"

                       - NAC Broker (Las Vegas)

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