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NCD, LLC offers Tenant Occupied Inspections during each season (winter, summer, spring and fall). Inspections are picture based capturing photos of both the exterior and interior area of the rental property. When you order an inspection, our Field Inspector will contact the tenant to schedule the inspection. You will receive a detailed property report with up to 60 pictures. Our Field Inspectors will report positive and negative conditions of the rental property to include: damage, non working and working items including the overall status of the rental property.

Please Note: Inspectors WILL NOT place work orders or make any promises for repair to the tenant(s). 

Actual Photos Captured By NCD Field Inspector 

Viewers Discretion is Advised
~Some of the photos you are about to see may affect your view on how often you should be conducting a Tenant Occupied Inspection.

Unchanged Air filter

Damaged Carpet

Leaking Water Heater

Carpet After One Year

Excessive Mold

Damaged Door

Bathroom Water Damage

Detached Smoke Detector

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