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3 tips about evictions you MUST READ

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

In this photo provided below, A Landlord was penalized $1800.00 for locking a tenant out of a roommate arranged rental property for 6 weeks. The Landlord was ordered by the Judge shown in this photo to allow the tenant to move back in the rental property immediately. The tenant paid cash to the Landlord each month and either party could possess a ledger or receipts of any payments. This was a case of, "he said she said" which NEVER WINS IN A COURT OF LAW. This case ended with the tenant receiving 3 months of rental credits awarded by the Judge because of the Landlord unlawful act committed against the tenant.

Evictions in many states are back to what use to be a normal process. Notices issued to tenants by their Landlords are happening now more than ever. The amount of rents due for notices issued by NCD is a combined total of over 3 million dollars, yikes! NCD says amounts in the past due were only $200k at a record high for the business in just one state alone. Here are a few to tips for Landlords as you prepare to get your property in order. You can expect longer time frames for your case to get heard by a judge at least 2-6 weeks.

Evictions in many states are back to what use to be a normal process. NCD is working around the U.S. to help stop homelessness.


Tip #1 - Serve your tenant with a notice. Even if the tenant has reported being enrolled in a rental relief program that is pending funding definitely should not stop you from starting the eviction process. NCD Director reports being in court on many occasions and witnessing scenarios that the rental assistance was denied, the tenant never actually completed the application process and requested more time to pay their due to not having a current job, while the Judge has GRANTED the eviction.

Tip #2- Put your eyes on your property- It is never recommended to just show up to a rental property and demand immediate access because that is against the law according to each state landlord and tenant laws. NCD recommend that you order an inspection that will help you see your property current condition after a tenant has gone so many months after not paying. It is always a nightmare to have a tenant in your rental property not paying rent for months and is damaging your property. Since the pandemic, it has caused a huge scatter of individuals, families, friends and pets and your property could be the one the squatters have arrived to. This is 75% percent of the reason police have been dispatched to rental properties while the other 25% has been due to domestic, Landlord pop up visits without proper notice and nuisances.

Tip #3- Do not self evict your tenant(s). In the news many of you have seen Landlords that have locked tenants out of the homes without a court order, got so mad with the the tenant and murdered them (sad, we know), just to name a few scenarios. Remember this, your property is an investment property therefore, everything must remain strictly business when handling your tenants and property. Do not change the property locks on the door or change the property door codes without a Judge ordering you permission to do so. This activity that is on a rise has caused NCD to be on the scene of thousands of properties all over the U.S. to help maintain the compliance aspect of your rental properties. If ANY Landlord is caught conducting unlawful business there can be a big price to pay, if the tenant decides to challenge your practices.

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