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Did your Tenant give you a Landlord Declaration?

Verify By Phone

(702) 344-3317 
Monday-Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm PST

Verify By Email

Include the following information: 
1. Your Name, Company & Contact Information
2. Tenant Name
3. Pending Application Number


What is a Landlord Declaration?

The Declaration is an:
1. Sworn Statement
2. Agreement
3. Authorization Form

If you are a Landlord, you receive this form for verification purposes that your Tenant is enrolled in our rental assistance program.

On the form located on the bottom right hand side, you will see a 
Pending Application Number. This number must be provided when contacting our office by phone or email, to verify your Tenant enrollment in our Relief Program. You may also check the current status of your Tenants Application (PENDING, APPROVED OR DENIED). On the bottom left hand side of the form, you will see Rental Assistance Requested Amount. The amount includes the past due amount and up to 3 additional rental payments. 


Eviction Notices 
As a Landlord, you are Allowed without Penalty to serve a pay or quit notice while your Tenant is enrolled in the program. 

Tenants that have entered into a lease agreement to include a current, expired or month to month lease agreement is REQUIRED to pay rent on or before the 1st - 5th of each month, unless a later date for payments was agreed upon. In the declaration the Tenant acknowledge that they owe the rental payment(s) due. Tenants that are issued Violation Notices ARE NOT protected under the program and can be evicted. 


Tenants that are Denied Benefits

Tenants can get DENIED for two (2) reasons in our program. 

1. If the tenant did not return the final requested document(s) by the deadline date, the Tenant application will be DENIED. The final forms are emailed to each Tenant enrolled in our program with instructions on how to complete the form(s) and a deadline date. 

2. If a tenant applied for benefits with the intent to lie, mislead or omit important information, the application will be DENIED.  

Benefit Approvals

When your Tenant gets APPROVED for Rental Assistance, a check payment will be mailed directly to the Landlord within 7-14 Business Days

Utility Payment(s) are funded within 90 days from the date the Tenant submitted an application. Upon request letters are provided to the Tenants to provide to the utility companies to prevent a disconnection. 

Tenants are ALLOWED to reapply for benefits after receiving notification that the Rental Assistance was APPROVED. If your Tenant reapply for benefits the processing time for the NEW application is 30-90 days

        If you have QUESTIONS, you may contact us at: (702) 344-3317

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