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Frequently Asked Questions


NCD, LLC is a private company hired by many in the real estate industry to perform services of Tenant Inspections and Full Evictions Services to MANY rental properties in the U.S.

 01  ​ Landlord Ask: My tenant has not paid rent since March 2021                      and owes me $12,100.00. Am I able to recover that back rent? 
                   NCD Answers: Yes, you could refer your tenant to apply for                         rental assistance through our RELIEF PROGRAM. This                                 state funded program funds between 12-15 month of rental                         assistance and is available to all U.S residents that rent. It is 
                   also recommended that you start the eviction process                                 immediately by issuing your tenant an EVICTION NOTICE.                           Landlords that have started the eviction process will be paid 
                   out a lot quicker than if you do not start the process. 


 02  Tenant Ask: I received a pay or quit notice, do I have to move?
                  NCD Answers: NO, if you really want to stay in the rental                              property here is what you can do to give yourself a fighting                          chance of not having to move so suddenly. Option #1 -You                          could make payment arrangements before the notice ends to                      pay the amount on the notice with your Landlord. 
                  Option #2- You may apply for rental assistance through                                our RELIEF PROGRAM. This state funded program funds                            between 12-15 month of rental payments and is available to                        all U.S residents that rent. If your Landlord proceeds with filing
                  for an eviction, the program will verify the processing status                         sharing all information with the court Judge and Landlord to                        help prevent you from being evicted from your property. To                          avoid an eviction on your record, if for whatever reason you                          were denied benefits and your Landlord has started the                              eviction filing, you could settle a move out date with the Judge                    and you will be fine, However, if you stay past that ordered                          date, an eviction will go on your record.


 03  Landlord Ask: My tenant will not let me inside the rental                               property to do an inspection, what can I do?
                NCD Answers: First, I would turn the matter over to NCD                              Inspections Department. Our company will make all effort within                  48 hours to get the tenant to cooperate with us. If the tenant                        does not cooperate, you will then be able to initiate a legal 24                      hour entry, in which we will help you execute the entire process.                  Besides, you never want a tenant to not cooperate with you, it's                  just not a good look. 


 04  Tenant Ask: I had an inspection recently done and repairs are                     needed, why haven't anyone showed up to FIX anything?
                NCD Answers: NCD inspectors, do not submit work orders for                    tenants. Property managers prefer for tenants to either go online
                to submit your request for record keeping and tracking purposes
                Some Landlords prefer tenants to call your repair request in. So 
                the work you see the inspector doing, is only recording the                          property conditions, not putting in repair tickets. The inspector
                either during the inspection or at the end will go over their report
                that will get submitted to your management company or                              property owner, so you all can decide whose responsible for                        what repairs and make the proper arrangements with the repair                  technicians as needed.

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