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Inspections & Covid

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

So many tenants have taken this pandemic as an opportunity to skip their annual routine inspection by refusing to comply with their regular inspection schedules. Here is what Director of NCD, LLC Alisha Freeman says, 'It just doesn't help to do that!" Covid is one of the most challenging events in all of my 15 years in this industry. I understand most tenants are concerned about our Field Agents coming into their homes, however, since before the pandemic, it has always been a requirement for our Field Inspectors to wear a mask and gloves during the duration of an inspection, safety is not new to us. Nearly 25% tenants have claimed Covid exposure and verified that was the actual case, while 35% was not able to verify the claim and as a result were issued 24 hour entry notices and the other 40% of tenants cooperated. The inspections are seasonal routine tenant inspections and are very important because it helps maintain repairs and give up to date reports of the rental property current conditions. During the inspections our field inspectors have seen non operating toilets, non working A/C-heater units, sinks, washers, dryers, garages, doors, and windows, just to name a few. It's no secret that winter weather is full of rain, snow and high winds that causes annual damage to some properties. These inspections are not to check if a tenant is keeping the house clean, however, mold in the bathroom is a common thing seen and while tenants are getting sick according to health line , being around mold may cause minor effects for some, like a stuffy nose or coughing, it can cause stronger reactions in people with asthma, mold allergies, or weakened immune systems. So the best thing to do as a tenant is 1st remind yourself that you are renting the place and 2nd allow a field inspector inside to conduct the inspection for the inspector will take pictures of the area to show the property management or owner and report the property conditions. If a tenant provides us with a verified Covid exposure, we will grant them a 10-14 day exemption period. In some cases, it will be required to conduct the inspection and the household must wear a mask during the duration of the inspection. This is for the safety of the tenant and inspector. The inspection process usually takes about 15 to 35 minutes to complete and is conducted once a year unless, repairs are needed then the property management or owner may want to check the repaired areas. Acceptable verifications of Covid exposure must come from one of the following: a school, employer, local health district or doctor. NCD, LLC field inspectors are all fully vaccinated as of September 2021 and continues to participate in weekly and bi weekly Covid testing. If any tenant refuses to cooperate with an inspection, Well, just be prepared to receive a 24 hour entry notice and the property management company or owner can and will charge you for not cooperating so you can expect to pay the fee with your next months rent. Fees can start at $50.00 up to $200.00.

Alisha ends with a simple message for both participating parties.

Message to Tenants, Just cooperate!

Message to Property Management/Owners, Check your property!


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